What do you mean by Kerala houseboats ?
Houseboats are a modified version of country boats that were used to carry goods from one place to another in the gone days. These houseboats are built by tying huge jack woods together and the interesting part is not even a single nail is used for the construction. Single bed room to ten bed room houseboats is currently available. Each of these has bed rooms with attached wash rooms, living room and dining room and a kitchen. Some even have separate dining room and balcony, upper deck, glass wall etc.

What are the different types of House Boat Trips available ?
Day & Overnight Cruise  are the 2 major cruises available. Check-in time for day cruise is 11.30 A.M and Checkout time is 5:00 P.M. For Overnight Cruise Check-in is around 11 A.M to 11.30 A.M while Checkout is 9.00 A.M, Next day.

Is night cruise possible at Alleppey ?
No. As the local fisherman put their fishing nets in the the backwater and lakes, Kerala Govt. has banned the movement of all types of engine operated boats from 6 p.M to 7.30 A.M.

Does the Air Conditioning in Houseboats work only at night ?
A.C in the Deluxe houseboat works from 8 p.M to next day 6 A.M. In Expensive Premium and Luxury boats air conditionally will be active throughout the journey.

What will be duration of the journey ?
For both Day and Over night cruise, the cruise time is usually 5 to 6 hrs. Over night cruise house boats will be anchored at shore of a backwater village at 5:30 pm till 7.30 A.M next day. Cruise will come to an end by 9:00 am.

What are the different Backwater Travel Routes ?

Most popular back water routes for house boats cruise are Alleppey - Kumarakom, Alleppey - Kottayam, Alleppey - Kollam...

About Food available on a houseboat
Usually traditional Kerala cuisine is provided. This consists of a slice of fried Pearl Spot, Chicken curry(Kerala Style) and several other Vegetable dishes. The lunch is served in buffet style. Tea and Typical Kerala snacks like Banana roast (Pazham Pori) will be provided in the evening. However, if booked in advance Special menus like Vegetarian, Jain, Chinese, North Indian etc. will be arranged. Moreover, Guests can buy fresh fishes like Jumbo prawns, Pearl spot (Kareemeen), Crabs etc. directly from the fishermen and the chef will prepare it in the houseboat itself.

Is it possible to cook our own food menu in the houseboat ?

Is Vegetarian food serviceable in a Houseboats ?
Yes. Pure Vegetarian food is available.

Is Kerala safe for Foreigners ?
Kerala is comparatively a safe state to travel. However, we recommend the female guests, not to be alone on the road at late night.

In case help needed, police and ambulance will are available at 100 and 102.

How safe are the Guests in the House Boats ?
The houseboat crew boat take special care to meet the needs of the Guests. They are given special training in first aid and life saving techniques to handle the emergencies. Hence there is nothing to worry about safety.

Is Houseboat cruise available in monsoon season ?

Who all will be there on the Houseboat other than the Guests ?
There would be 3 crew members in the houseboat. The Captain, Oarsmen, and a cook.

Does the rates mentioned includes the flight/pick up and drop charges?
No. But on advance requests we can make arrangements.

Is there any service provided for us for booking our air/train tickets?
No. But on advance requests we can make arrangements.

Should we book our houseboats in prior?
Even though houseboats are found for spot booking in off season, best quality houseboats usually get booked earlier and it’s better to book in advance.

Is there any advance payment required for the booking ?
Yes, advance deposit required, it depends on houseboats, this is to be sure that your booking is genuine and we can go ahead with the reservations. The rest of the due amount can be paid before your arrival in Kerala.

Is Cancellation possible ?
Yes. Cancellation has to be done at least 07 days before the check-in date.